Thinking of Using a Franna? New Guidance Published

Articulated mobile cranes (colloquially known as Frannas) are the most common form of crane on Australian building sites. Incident and audit data collected from builders accredited under the WHS Accreditation Scheme demonstrates significant improvements must be made when using Frannas.

The OFSC’s new infographic “Thinking of using a Franna?”  is an easy to follow workflow to help builders work in a safe and structured way on-site. The guide is intended to be used in conjunction with and in reference to company’s existing WHS management systems, and allow for easy reference when working with subcontracted Franna crews to ensure all correct steps are being taken to ensure the safety of workers onsite.

Additional detailed guidance on use of articulated mobile cranes can be found in the OFSC’s safety webinars held as part of the Hazard 2020 safety campaign. Each webinar includes information presentations from industry experts, as well as information from Federal Safety Officers on how to meet Scheme audit criteria:

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