Early signs of mobile crane improvements, but scaffolding remains a significant concern

With two months left in the Hazard 2020 campaign, data trends are consolidating, highlighting where Scheme accredited companies must take further action on to improve site safety on scaffolding in particular.

“As the campaign is drawing to an end, we’re seeing some very early signs of improvement in compliance with mobile crane safety requirements. The rate at which audited companies fail crane Scheme criteria is now below the 2017-2019 trend rate. However, with one in three companies still failing to meet Scheme criteria, there is still plenty of room for improvement,” said Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney.

Most concerning, the August Hazard 2020 Monthly data report confirms previous monthly data updates that more than half of companies audited are not ensuring temporary structures are installed by a competent person and are verified as correctly installed prior to use. Companies are also consistently failing to ensure scaffold plans are developed when required and changes to the plan are signed off by a qualified person.

The OFSC website has material available to assist companies in developing and implementing safety systems for better management of scaffolding and mobile plant safety hazards. The fourth Hazard 2020 online webinar on ground conditions for crane risk management, was held on Thursday 23 September. The videos from the webinar will be published to the Hazard 2020 page in the next week.

The Hazard 2020: October 2020 to August 2021 Update is available now on the Useful Documents and Downloads page.